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  • DN 15-250mm Cast Steel Globe Valve

DN 15-250mm Cast Steel Globe Valve

Medium temperature: ≤425 ℃
Operating mode: manual / electric
medium: water, oil, steam, etc.
Caliber: DN50-1000
Pressure: 1.6-16.0mpa
Body material: WCB
Connection method: flange

Product Details

Cast Steel Globe Valve Material of main parts of cast steel globe valve
Part Namematerial
Body / bonnetWCB
Valve stemWCB / 2cr13
Stem nutDuctile iron / brass

J41H / Y-16C / 25/40/64/100 cast steel globe valve

Cast Steel Globe Valve Performance specifications of cast steel globe valve
modelNominal pressure
Test pressure (mpa)proper temperatureApplicable medium
Strength (water)Sealed (water)
J41 / 941H / Y-16C1.6 2.40 1.80 —29—425 ° CWater, steam, oil, etc.
J41 / 941H / Y-25C2.5 3.80 2.80 
J41 / 941H / Y-40C4.0 6.15 4.51 
J41 / 941H / Y-64C6.4 9.75 7.15 

External dimensions and connection dimensions of cast steel globe valve
modelNominal diameter
Size (mm)
J41 / 941H / Y-16C1513095654514-24 * φ14205
20150105755514-24 * φ14211
25160115856514-24 * φ14223
321801351007816-24 * φ18250
402001451108516-34 * φ18288
5023016012510016-34 * φ18321
6529018014512018-34 * φ18341
8031019516013520-38 * φ18385
10035021518015520-38 * φ18437
12540024521018522-38 * φ18471
15048028024021024-38 * φ23516
20060033529526526-312 * φ23610


  1. Compact structure, reasonable design, good valve rigidity, smooth passage.

   2.The use of flexible graphite packing, reliable sealing, light and flexible operation


Industrial applications: Petroleum, Chemical, Paper Making, Fertilizer, Coal Mining,water treatment and etc.

Product Advantages:

  1. We have Sand or Precision casting technology,So we can as your drawing design and production.

  2. Customers' logos are available cast on the valve body.

  3. All our casting with tempering procedure before Processing.

  4. Use the CNC lathe during whole process.

  5. The disc sealing surface use plasma welding machine welding.

  6. Every valve must be tested before delivery from the factory, only qualified ones can be shipped.

  7.The kind valve we usually use Pallets to package, We also can according to specific customer's requests.

Company Advantages:

1.We are manufacturer Since 1992.

2.CE,API,ISO approved.

3.Fast delivery.

4.Low price with high quality.

5.Professional work Team!

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