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  • JGD10/12-10 Thread Rubber Joints

JGD10/12-10 Thread Rubber Joints

Medium: water, hot water, air

Caliber: DN15-80

Pressure: 1.0-1.6mpa

Connection: thread

Product Details

Application: It is mainly used for flexible connection of metal pipelines that transport liquid, gas and other materials.

JGD12-10 / 16 female soft rubber connector

JGD12-10 / 16 female soft rubber connector

Internal thread rubber soft joint JGD12 appearance size and connection size
modelNominal diameter
inchLSteering displacement mmLateral displacement
JGD12-10 / 16150.51905-6twenty twotwenty two
200.752105-6twenty twotwenty two
2512105-6twenty twotwenty two
321.252205-6twenty twotwenty two
401.52205-6twenty twotwenty two
5022405-6twenty twotwenty two
652.52405-6twenty twotwenty two
8032805-6twenty twotwenty two

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