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  • H12X-2.5 Thread Lifting Foot Valve

H12X-2.5 Thread Lifting Foot Valve

Product Details

H12X-2.5 Thread Lifting Foot Valve Material of main parts
Part Namematerial
Valve bodygrey cast iron
Bonnetgrey cast iron
Discgrey cast iron
Sealing ringrubber

Application: Widely used in the bottom end of the pipeline, it can automatically prevent liquid from flowing backward

H42X-2.5 Lifting foot valve

Performance Specifications of Lifting Foot Valve H42X
modelNominal pressure
Test pressure (mpa)proper temperatureApplicable medium
H42X-2.50.25 0.40 0.28 ≤50 ℃water

Lifting Foot Valve H42X Dimensions and Connection Dimensions
modelNominal diameter
Size (mm)
H42X-2.5501201401109012-24 * φ14
6513516013011012-24 * φ14
8016518515012514-24 * φ18
10017520517014514-24 * φ18
12521023520017514-28 * φ18
15025026022520016-38 * φ18
20028031528025518-38 * φ18
25039037033531018-312 * φ18
30041043539536219-312 * φ23
35052048544541225-312 * φ23

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