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What Should Be Paid Attention to During Valve Installation?

Mar. 31, 2020

Globe valve manufacturer will explain the precautions for valve installation.

1. When installing the valve, you need to clean the inner cavity and sealing surface, whether the connecting bolts are evenly tightened, and check whether the packing is tight.

2. The valve during installation is closed.

3. Large-sized gate valves and pneumatic regulating valves should be installed vertically to avoid biasing to one side due to the heavy weight of the spool, which would cause leakage.

4. Have a set of correct installation process standards.

5. the valve should be installed in accordance with the allowed working position, but must pay attention to the convenience of maintenance and operation.

6. Flanged globe valve should be installed so that the flow direction of the medium is consistent with the arrow marked on the valve body. Valves that are not opened and closed frequently but need to strictly ensure that they do not leak in the closed state can be reverse installed. It is closed tightly by the medium pressure.

7. When tightening the compression screw, the valve should be in a slightly open state, so as not to damage the sealing surface at the top of the valve.

8. Before positioning the low temperature valve, it should try to do the opening and closing test in cold state as much as possible. It is required to be flexible without jamming.

9. The liquid valve should be configured with a 10 ° inclination angle between the valve stem and the level to prevent liquid from flowing down the valve stem, and more seriously, to prevent leakage.

10. After the large-scale air separation tower is barely cold, pre-tighten the flange of the connecting valve in the cold state to prevent leakage at normal temperature and leakage at low temperature.

11. It is strictly prohibited to climb the valve stem as a scaffold during installation.

12. After all the valves are in place, they should be opened and closed again. It is qualified to be flexible without jamming.

13. The valve should generally be positioned before piping installation. The piping should be natural, and the position should not be pulled hard to avoid leaving prestress.

14. Non-metallic valves, some are hard and brittle, and some have low strength. During operation, the opening and closing force cannot be too large, especially not to be vigorous. Also pay attention to avoid object collision.

Cast Steel Globe Valve

Cast Steel Globe Valve

15. When handling and installing the valve, be careful of bumping and scratching accidents.

16. When using the new cast steel globe valve, do not press the packing too tightly, so as not to leak, so as not to stress the valve stem too much, accelerate wear and tear, and open and close effort.

17. Before the valve is installed, confirm that the valve meets the design requirements and relevant standards.

18. Before installing the valve, the inside of the pipeline should be cleaned to remove impurities such as iron filings to prevent foreign objects from being trapped in the valve sealing seat.

19. The high temperature valve is installed at normal temperature. After use, the temperature rises, the bolts expand due to heat, and the gap is increased. Therefore, it must be tightened again. This problem needs to be paid attention to, otherwise leakage is easy.

20. When installing the valve, confirm whether the medium flow direction, installation form and handwheel position meet the requirements.

The above are the precautions when installing the valve. I hope to bring some help to friends in need.

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